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We are Bazxar

The journey to Bazxar began with one very simple question: in a city famed for its novel dining experiences, what would somewhere truly fresh, vibrant and exciting look like? We think it would look like this. A place where every sip and bite takes you on a new culinary adventure of global influences.

A place where the intensity of an Asian street market vies for your attention with the attitude of an NYC gourmet burger, an Italian siesta on a plate, or the josper and rotisserie inspired Mediterranean fire of the dining room. A place that adapts and changes with you, to the time you have available and to the people you are sharing it with.

A place worthy of being hailed as one of the best restaurants in Dubai.

What’s your Bazxar?

Social. Sophisticated. Grab and go. Stop and chat. A cuisine of Asian, Italian, American and Mediterranean, fired by passion, authenticity and above all, flavour – always flavour.

Your Bazxar isn’t just a regular meal at a typical Dubai restaurant.

Set within an award-winning design of steel, wood and brass that connects every eating space with the most exciting cocktail bar in the city, it looks, feels and tastes like nowhere else in Dubai. And every time you step inside, you’ll find there’s a new experience waiting for you.

Bazxar by Create Hospitality

Hospitality. To many it’s an industry, but not to us. To us, hospitality is what you feel when you enter one of our venues. It’s about more than enjoying impeccable service and luxurious amenities; it is about the immersive cultural experiences you have while you are there. It is meeting like-minded people in environments that match your personal style, tastes and the time you have available to share with us.

Our Other Brands

Hospitality is what happens when people who love what they do are given the freedom to express themselves. And from Bazxar to El Sur to Pret to Go, nowhere is that freedom of expression more evident than in Create Hospitality venues. We invite you to dine and play in the results of that passion — some of the top restaurants in Dubai.

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