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We bring the gourmet, the informal, and the fun. You decide how to combine them. So the Bazxar you experience today can be very different to the Bazxar you experience tomorrow. Experience one of the best casual restaurants Dubai has to offer.


Crisp pastries. Buttery croissants. Coffee made just the way you like using beans that are expertly sourced, lovingly roasted and blended to impress. Because grab and go should never be fix and forget.

Meat District

Burgers with added awesome. Dogs with extra bite.
Classic New York attitude served with sides of hell-yeah and OMG.


Every day our tables are shared by people packing their conversations with fire, passion and intensity. So we packed our Asian street-market inspired menu with the same ingredients.

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us.
Life is a Bazxar and so endlessly delicious.- Bazxar