Redefining /

Inspired by fire

Passion. Heat. Intensity. They’re not difficult to create when you use the very best ingredients. In the Bazxar Dining Room, that applies to what we create – and what we create it with. You will experience the very best when dining in Dubai.

Josper grills delicately wood-smoke our moreish flatbreads. Rotisseries slow-roast prime cuts of meat, creating a juicy succulence for which Bazxar is already famous.

The Dining Room is the fiery soul of Mediterranean with a gourmet heart. And like every dining experience at Bazxar, it has been lovingly designed for inquiring palates, not bulging wallets.

The Dining Room is open for lunch and dinner in Dubai.

Fish in Dubai

I just don’t want to look back and think I could’ve eaten that.Bazxar