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If you’re a regular in DIFC, you’ll no doubt have heard the buzz coming out of Bazxar. If you’re anywhere else in Dubai, you’ll definitely have head the buzz about Bazxar.

The multi-disciplinary space has become one of the city’s most talked about bars and restaurants since it opened late last year.

It’s funky, layered design and layout – which allows it to blend seamlessly from freshly-brewed breakfast café, to open lunch hall, to cosy smokers’ bar to elegant night eatery – has firmly established the place across Dubai’s dining demographic, being as perfect for a morning meeting as it is for an evening feast or date night.

The interior was the work of Bishop Design LLC (soon to be known as Rogue), baring all the hallmarks of the multi-award winning firm’s edgy, creative approach.

In what is in essence four – perhaps even five – spaces in the one room, the fit-out incorporates urban, industrial feels brought to life through the use of reclaimed brickwork, cold rolled steels, marbles and leathers.

We sat down with founder Paul Bishop in Bazxar and he talked us through the design concept, the challenges his team faced, and how the final product came together

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