Where to Eat? 8 Ways to Tell If a Restaurant Is Worth Trying Out

At the end of a particularly grueling shift at work, many people look forward to capping off the day with a great dinner and some refreshing drinks. In case you’re one of these above mentioned people seeking solace and amazing food in a restaurant after an exhausting day, you have to make the important decision of going to an establishment you’ve dined in before or trying a new one.

If you choose to go to a restaurant that you already frequent, it is highly likely you’ll find what you’re looking for: satisfactory food, service, and ambience. But if you decide to try a new restaurant, there’s no assurance that you will leave the establishment happy and content.

Trying a New Dining Establishment

Being a foodie means trying new restaurants from time to time. Whether you’re looking forward to a filling dinner, after work drinks or a working lunch, you stand to gain more by letting out your adventurous side and venturing to DIFC restaurants you haven’t tried before.

To make sure you won’t regret your decision to try a new restaurant, consider the following factors first:

1. The level of activity

How busy is the restaurant? Is it crowded from opening to closing or are there only a handful of customers even during lunch and dinner?

If the restaurant seems to have no trouble attracting customers, this is usually a good sign that they are worth going to. This means that diners enjoy the food, service, and amenities and, as such, are happy to wait to be seated, spend money, and come back here often.

2. Its popularity among the locals

A great restaurant attracts dozens of customers every day. But how many of the regular patrons are local? Generally, you won’t go wrong with choosing an eatery that attracts a good number of locals daily, since they already know and have tried a number of other establishments but rather opt to go to this particular one. Clearly, there is something about this restaurant that is worth returning to over and over again.

3. The variety of food selection

Aside from solely offering their main specialty, a restaurant that has a range of appetizers, soups, salads, mains, desserts, and beverages to choose from is really worth giving a try. You’ll certainly find a dish that you would like to try. Here at Bazxar, for example, we have an outrageous Gatsby Friday brunch where you can enjoy unlimited drinks packages and a fantastic after party.

4. Consistency in quality and taste of food

Although there are a variety of dishes to select from and the restaurant seems to never run out of patrons, you need to have some idea about the quality of food they serve and how consistent they are with taste and plating. Even if there are many dishes to choose from, if they lack taste or are made of sub-par ingredients, you’ll just waste your money in this establishment. As such, find out how fresh their ingredients are and where they source them. Also, try to find out if the chefs and cooks follow the standard recipes or if they deviate from time to time.

Reading online reviews (such as the ones on TripAdvisor) and asking people you know who have tried eating in a particular restaurant, is a good way to get an idea of the quality and consistency of the food they serve.

5. The ambience

Aside from food, customers today look for one key element in all restaurants: the right ambience. People will flock to a dining establishment that will allow them to experience heightened sensations, not just their gustatory one. If you feel the same way, you will then be drawn to a restaurant that showcases the right ambience and high level of comfort through its design, decor, furniture, tableware, and layout.

A quick look at the restaurant’s website or even taking a peek through their window can help you decide whether you will feel comfortable eating at their establishment. You can also check out various social media sites and view photos of the restaurant taken and posted by customers. Try to focus on the lighting, chairs, tables, wall color and decors, and if you find them appealing and interesting, then give the place a shot.

6. Quality of service

Even if a restaurant rates highly in quality of food and the right ambience, if the servers are not polite, friendly, and competently trained, you won’t have a satisfactory dining experience. They need to be courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable about the restaurant’s menu. Most customer reviews also include some form of rating for the kind of service they experienced, so it is easy to get a good idea about this as well.

7. Cleanliness

No one wants to eat in a restaurant with dirty floors and tables, and where food seems to be scattered throughout. A dirty restaurant also reflects badly on the quality of its food and overall service. Customer reviews and your actual observations will allow you to correctly gauge the cleanliness of a restaurant. In general, a good restaurant keeps all areas clean at all times and this includes the front and back of the restaurant, restrooms, and employee areas. They are also specifically particular about the cleanliness of the plates, cutlery, glasses, and other tableware.

8. Reasonable prices

Lastly, it is possible to get amazing food and drink at low prices today, but if you’re a serious foodie, getting the right value for your money is more important than choosing a restaurant that offers cheap eats. If a restaurant you haven’t tried is known for having prices that reflect the quality of food they serve, the level of service, and the right ambience, then it is certainly worth a visit.

With the increasing number of restaurants today, it won’t be difficult to find a new one that you can try if you’re looking for a different dining experience. However, to avoid being disappointed and wasting money, do some research first to be sure that you’re choosing the right dining establishment to go to.

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