Arabian Business Review: Business Lunch at Bazxar, DIFC

Business lunch at Bazxar, DIFC – A unique menu combining Vietnamese, Latin and American flavours.

Bazxar truly delivers on its promise to bring a new dining experience to Dubai. The multi-concept venue houses a Vietnamese food station serving steamed traditional soup and noodles, a ‘meat district’ serving American-style burger and hotdogs, a Latin-inspired restaurant, a bakery, a coffee counter and a lounge area.


Located in Dubai International Financial District (DIFC), the upscale eatery is decorated in contemporary art(including a portrait of Argentinian leader Ernesto “Che” Guevara), cosy wooden flooring, brass finishes and leather furnishings.

We were welcomed by energetic staff who aided us in beginning our culinary journey by recommending the red snapper topped with Peruvian “tiger” Milk – a citrus-based marinade containing lime juice, onion and salt and pepper. It was subtly sour and perfectly light for a starter.

Next, we tried the watermelon salad with truffle honey and warm goats cheese. Truffle lovers will enjoy the honey’s empowering taste.

Our favourite dish, however, was the main Black angus flank with a unique carrot and ginger puree. The flank was cooked a la point with flavourful Mexican spices. Dessert was an impressive “cappuccino”, with espresso custard and milk foam served cold in a large mug in the shape of the coffee drink- we would come back just to this dish. We paired it with “caviar” goat’s milk cheesecake with strawberry pearls, a heavier dish. The list of interesting food goes on …A must try.

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