5 Gastronomic Trends That Make Dining In Dubai Even Dreamier

Restaurants are transforming Dubai’s landscape. Many are popping up in different locations throughout the city and they never fail to attract food lovers.

In recent years, Dubai has actually risen to become a gastronomic destination. Famous chefs have decided to make it the kitchen lab for their newest recipes. Likewise, new restaurateurs have decided chosen to take more creative approaches to food and dining in order to cater to the dynamic Dubai market.

So if you’re visiting the city for the first time, you really should explore its vibrant food and beverage scene. You can expect to discover the most popular gastronomic trends that are not only generating buzz on social media, but also earning the raves of food critics.

What Are the Strongest Gastronomic Trends in Dubai?

The huge crowds lining up in front of restaurants in the city should be a giveaway to the most popular food trends. But to enlighten you on what’s really drawing in crowds of diners, five of these trends are rounded up below.

1. Ramen

The ultimate comfort food from Northeast Asia is more popular than ever. Japanese and Korean dining establishments, in particular, are the experts on this noodle soup dish.

What to love: Everybody loves the vast variety of options available for this affordable dish. You can get the mildest to the hottest flavors, and the most savory recipes for this noodle soup. But what most people appreciate about this dish is that it’s not only delicious, but it’s also a complete meal. You get your soup, your carbs (from the noodles), your proteins (the meat toppings), and your vegetables.

It’s important to note as well that using different utensils for eating holds a special appeal for diners.

2. Fermented Food

Kimchi, miso and other fermented foods are also rising to great popularity in Dubai. The explosion of flavors that these foods provide is really great for palate development. Many say that the rise of fermented foods in Dubai may have been spurred by the locals’ (both expats and natives) love for K-dramas, but regardless of this notion, it’s still a good development.

What to love: Fermented foods all have strong flavors. They’re sour, salty, and at times, even bitter as well. This makes them perfect for food pairings. Everything from seafood, to all the other types of proteins, develop a new and special taste because of these.

What’s particularly special about these foods is that they were initially created as military provisions because they were known to boost energy. These days, they are consumed by a lot of people for their unique taste and their ability to boost the immune system against fatal illnesses.

3. Vegan Food That Also Appeals to Non-Vegans

In addition to exploring different flavors, most people today are also trying to be healthy, and vegan dishes are some of the healthiest options they can choose from restaurant menus. The trend to make vegan food as appealing as possible is strong in Dubai. There are specialty vegan restaurants all over the city and they are perfect not only for health buffs and those who have sworn off meat, but for non-vegans seeking new dining gustatory experiences as well.

What to love: There are plenty of creative cauliflower dishes that won’t ever get you fat, plus a large assortment of vegan and gluten-free desserts that taste sinful but are actually not. You can binge without worrying too much about ingesting excessive oil, carbs, and elements that can trigger a leaky gut. Isn’t it a dream to eat as much as you want without the guilt?

4. Brunch

This has been popular for some time now, but everybody enjoys a good brunch over the weekends because it has a romantic appeal and the selection of food and beverages is endless. Brunch is expected to stay in style for a long time (if not forever).

What to love: The new twist on fried chicken. There are countless innovative recipes for fried chicken and they will surely delight your taste buds. Aside from chicken, there’s an assortment of fresh seafood, sandwiches, colorful desserts and flavored drinks to enjoy with your significant other or with new acquaintances.

If you will check out the Prohibition Brunch at Bazxar, you’re likely to find that it’s going to be a brunch unlike any you’ve had before. It starts much later and the spread is prepared beautifully. You can expect a real snazzy time with your companions.

5. Monster Shakes

These aren’t your typical milkshakes and smoothies. Not only are they loaded with “sinful goodness,” but the flavors can be quite unexpected as well. Shake makers are really outdoing themselves in turning this thick, refreshing beverage into a total dessert replacement.

What to love: All shakes are Instagram-worthy and will definitely get numerous likes in addition to satisfying that sweet tooth. Plus, they have everything you want. A Monster Shake experience is like your childhood dream come true: an exciting combination of sprinkles, chocolates, syrups, ice cream, milk, cookies and much more spilling out of a giant Mason jar.

Dubai does all of these trends so well, you’re sure to be impressed. Make sure to give them all a try the next time you pay a visit.

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